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Besides counseling we also support the students of BME in their first steps of career building. We offer a number of opportunities for independent or mutual work to find answers to the theoretical and practical questions of conscious career building: from compiling a convincing CV to exploring the self-knowledge aspect of job search.

Since independence is the most important trait in career planning, most of our services do not require you to work with a professional. Be your own manager! Decide what questions are relevant in your career right now and find out the answers according to your own schedule and motivations!

Please keep in mind that we are not able to provide you any specific job offer however you can find current job offers of our partners at our webpageOur main goal is to support your journey with reliable and useful information in different areas of career planning.  

Self development

Be your own career counselor! No one can be more motivated than you to achieve success. Self-improvement is mandatory for progression, so looking into the related exercises in our downloadable workbooks can be really helpful.

Self-knowledge can be important not only when you are looking for a job, but also during a project assignment or an internship. If you have already got a position at a workplace then we can also provide short and useful content for that too.

You can take our downloadable publications with you anywhere, so you can prepare for your first interview or your first work day on your own and at your own pace.

Career booklet

On one hand, our career booklet can provide support to concretize your goal, getting to know yourself better, who you really are and what you want to achieve. To do this, we’ve put together some exercises that you can think through at home, even without help. In addition, we provide practical advice on the technical issues of job search. Take control and take the first step towards a successful career!

Interactive online courses

If you finished the phase of information gathering and it is time to make the next step these courses are for you! Just like in case of any other online courses you can work with them from home and based on your own time schedule. If you stuck somewhere or have any questions related to the topic of the course you can get in touch with one of our psychologists who coordinates the Teams course.

CV course

In this online course you can gain access to tools and tasks which includes the most important aspects of CV writing. If at the end of the course you upload your own CV you can get feedback and tips from our colleagues.

They are also able to give you advices on what to include or what to exclude from your CV as well as if it needs any further paraphrase to start from a winning position. 

My Career Story online workbook

One of the alternative tools of career counselling is the My career story workbook” of Savickas. The tasks of the workbook focuses on the most important questions and milestones of career building.

Throughout three chapters we can construct the motivational narrative of the decisions ahead of us as well as an action plan by which we are able to achieve our goals You can find additional online courses connected to skill development like dealing with stress of time management HERE.


Moving to a foreign country is challenging for everybody. It is not easy to get used to a new culture, lifestyle and find our place in the university and in the private life as well. We would like to give you some guidance on what you should pay attention to, if you are looking for a job here in Hungary. You may also like another article about employers, useful websites here.

Employment in the World

By watching the video of Potentialpark below you can gain useful information and detailed knowledge on where to find the right job or how to answer questions like who are you really and what are you good at. You can watch the video in English or in French. 

In English:

In French:

If you do get stuck or have a question, you can reach us at