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Psychological counseling

which help do i need?

We all experience challenging situations in life that are difficult to cope with. Your previous solutions do not work anymore and you have not found new ones yet. The purpose of counseling is to help you get past these barriers.

We collected where you should go with different kind of problems, to help you to get the best possible help.


The services provided by the university are free of charge for BME students. But there are some services and programs that are organised by other institutions, hospitals, etc. In general you need to have TAJ card to be entitled for these services. In order to find the best solution we suggest you should read the infos below.

If you need help to find out how you can get health insurance in Hungary (i.e. TAJ card) please check out this article.

Medical Treatment -

Psychotherapy -

Emotional Crisis -

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us:

BME helps transborder students and Ukrainian partner universities. The Directorate of Sales and Services (ÉSZI) provides psychological counselling for those Ukranian students who are affected by the crisis. The professionals of the department worked out a crisis intervention protocol specifically for this situation, therefore those students who request this service can participate in a 4 sessions-long psychological counselling process focused on the war situation.

For whom? For the nearly 40 students of BME who are Ukranian citizens 

What services do we offer? A maximum of 4 sessions-long crisis intervention process 

How can I apply? By filling out the general application form and adding „WAR CRISIS” to the QUESTIONS or REQUESTS row. 

The 6 sessions-long psychological counselling processes are also available for the affected students of BME, however we are not able to provide this service in an accelerated process. Additional information of the program can be found below.


Psychological counseling is a short, focused and practice-oriented process, which is built on cooperation. The systematic approach helps you to implement certain changes in many areas of life management, focusing on one or two areas at a time. Sometimes the main goal of counseling is a transition to psychotherapy.

The number of occasions is 6 in general.

When we suggest it?

  • If you would like to change on a certain habit (for example: procrastination, getting friends, dating etc.)
  • If you have problems in your relationships (for example: break up, greewing, communication, family conflicts etc.)
  • Self knowing questions


If you want to participate in psychological counseling, you need to fill in this form. It contains questions referring to the problem. The completed form will help us choose the most appropriate support for you. We inform you about this result via e-mail soon.

For BME students any form of psychological counselling is free of charge.

  • If this is an immediate/life threatening emergency, please call 112 or go to the nearest hospital’s emergency room.
  • Contact your international mentor (if you are a SH student) 
  • The specialists of the Crisis Ambulance in Péterfy Sándor Hospital, are available to treat and help clients in person, even without registration between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on workdays (1074 Budapest, Alsó erdősor utca 7.). Make an appointment: +36-1-322-1896! This service is available only for students with TAJ card! If you do not have a TAJ card, please click HERE.
  • Education, information about suicidal crisis

  • Worldwide hotlines, helplines

Attention! Epidemic provisions! 

Please let us kindly inform you that in our psychologists are working online AND in person as well. Note that our colleagues can refuse to start in-person counseling if you are not in a good health condition.

If you feel sick, even if your symptoms are mild or not related to coronavirus, please choose the ONLINE counseling.

IMPORTANT Due to increased interest, our waiting-list is currently longer than usual. We will respond to all inquiries, but the wait may take several weeks, so we ask for your patience and understanding. If your condition requires urgent help, check the information about emotional crisis management below.

For further information please read our blog post about the process of psychological counseling, and other posts related to further psychological problems and mental health care.


In our blog you can find posts related to psychological problems and mental health care.

You can also read our psychoeducational booklets here.