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Career Services

We provide you an opportunity to plan your career during your university years by acquiring more information about employment opportunities and requirements expected from fresh graduates. This will allow you to choose your specialization and the language you learn more consciously, and to gain practical knowledge that will help you to build your career.

We aim to prepare you for the challenges of job seeking by organizing counselling and training sessions, trial interviews, by hosting the BME Job Fair and the Training Days and by searching and posting relevant job offers.

Our goal is to help you find the job that fits your skills and interests the most. We aim to accomplish this goal through a variety of programs.

Please register for the counselling sessions and the trial interview in advance via email or personally in our office.

Carreer and Life Planning Counselling/Coaching

Sessions usually cover the topics below:

  • Measuring and developing personal characteristics, skills and competencies
  • Opportunities for postgraduate education (Master’s degree programmes, specialization, etc.)
  • Description of ideal job and working environment, and how it matches to the personality
  • Life planning
  • Job seeking techniques

Counselling is a personalized and individualized process. Generally, more sessions (3-6) are needed for the productive cooperation, but it may differ based on personal needs and the nature of the problem. Feel free to contact our counselors even if you only have a specific question about job seeking that can be discussed in one meeting.

CV Counselling

Job seekers use several types of CVs to apply for job openings. Although HR professionals may set different requirements regarding CVs, there are some basic principles: the CV should be clear, concise and follow a logical and easy read format.

Our counselors help you to customize your CV that reflects your skills and personality. During counselling we help you to structure your CV in a logical order and give advice on what sort of information should be left out or included and how to rephrase your CV to create a positive impression about yourself.

With counselling sessions we aim to assist you to prepare job application documents that are clear and concise, well-structured and which reflect your skills and personality.

Trial Interviews

Every fresh graduate is nervous about the first job interview. Hearing the word „job interview” is enough to make them anxious and scared. First step is always the hardest. We help you to prepare for your job interview. However, our support can be effective only if you know what positions you are interested in, have already written your CV and preferably your cover letter too, but you are not sure what to expect from a job interview. During these trial interviews you will have a chance to try yourself in an interview situation without any stake, and become familiar with the most common interview questions. If you take advantage of this opportunity, you will be more experienced and determined when it comes to a real job interview.


During the training sessions we discuss several topics that might be helpful in career planning and job seeking. For example:

  • Career Planning Training
  • CV and Job Interview Training
  • Assessment Centre Training

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Full and Part time Job and Internship Postings

With this service our goal is to help graduate students and young professionals by searching and posting as many relevant job vacancies as possible. We would like to provide an opportunity for students to find the job that fits them the best so that they will not have to accept the first offer that seems good in the future.

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BME Job Fair and Training Days

The goal of BME Job Fair is to bring together the highly qualified economists and engineers of the future with the prominent representatives of the Hungarian economic life. Throughout this event, the students can gain a broader understanding of industry’s activities, as well as the needs and expectations of economic operators.

The knowledge gained during university years is not enough for finding a job. It is necessary for you as future employee to have well-defined goals and plans for your career, to have useful language skills, to be familiar with technology, economics and maybe with law, to know the „tricks of CV writing’ and to be prepared for the tough questions which might come up at a job interview.
That is the reason why we organize a 3-week long event called Training Days prior to Job Fair during which we try to prepare our students for the difficulties of job seeking and for the challenges of working life with the help of counselling companies and our highlighted partners.

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